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See what people who have been blessed have to say!

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Hi Pastor. Just wanted to tell you that I am so grateful for Buddy.  He came at the perfect time. I just lost Leo. That was a sad time for me.  Buddy brings me so much joy.  He acts like he is the king of the world.


Hey! This is Trenda.  Was just want to say thank you sooooooooooooo much for the Paris . She is a joy to our home. Her name is Paris!  We have taken her to have her first shots. She is such a doll. Everybody is so excited to have her in our home.  Every client that sees her adores her. My family is really enjoying her. She is a special puppy. I just wanted to say thank you so much again. We appreciate her so much. And thank your for the beautiful little doggy. Bye Bye!


Thanks for White Sugar. She pees a lot but I love her. She sleeps with me and is a lot of work. But she is mines.  Thank you. PEACHES


I love my my Tyson. Lots of fun. Someone to love me and I him. Thanks Puppies for love. Dwayne

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Thanks Dogs of Hope. We love Franklin to the max. He chews a lot and is hyper but we love him.  Hope he grows out of it. lol

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My daughter is so excited. Thanks!




It was love at first bite. Sophia did not like us at first. She was possessed!  But now she is a keeper.  We love her and she loves us. Thanks 


Poey came right on time. When my Schnauzer of 10 years died, I was devastated. But Poey.... my boy Poey made it all better. Thenk you for all that you all do. 

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