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Statement on Racial Equity

We condemn the systematic racism, injustice, and inequality that continue to exist in our world.


For far too long the idea of separation has been practiced. The equity of these equalities has been extremely difficult worldwide. The tolerance of racism has become relentless, overstepping boundaries in the lives of people of color, of Asians decent, and to those who live unique lifestyles. We support oneness, liberty, harmony, with justice for all. 


COVID-19 has affected some communities worse than others and the results have brought awareness to the unfairness being bestowed upon cultures and highlighting the inequities of centuries past. Lack of access to healthcare, educational disparities, and workforce barriers in choice communities are results of social and economic barriers birthed from systematic racism. Therefore, we dedicated our works to helping people in need in the areas of food, health resources, job assistance, and all other basic needs regardless of their differences.

One person can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves. We can accept each other and help each other to be each other's best. We can collectively tear down the stronghold of division by coming together as individuals and families, neighborhood groups and faith communities, small businesses and large companies, schools, and governments. This communal effort annuls the ideas of racism and the isms that accompanies it.  


Please join us in this very important work to nurture the idea of love to usher in hope to our one world.




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